Forest and Sun

Fire is truly the great equalizer. Both the massive redwood and the lowly dandelion find fire inescapable. I find myself standing in southern Oregon resting my eyes on the charred remains of a once vibrant part of the preserve. A place that very well could have been considered my home as a child. When my parents divorced I never ended up seeing much of my … Continue reading Forest and Sun

I am Margret

I might as well be a fish, Swimming, Without a thought, without a will.  I’m trapped in this glass. If only my confinement wasn’t real. Men. Musty, Scruffy. Yet smarter than I. They go places, See the world. I want to travel and meet people unlike myself. I want to meet those that can speak their minds, Do as they please, Explore new cities and … Continue reading I am Margret

American Collectors

When I was young, my mother always told me, “We are one of Native American.” “You should be proud of yourself,” she said. That was 30 years ago. Now I don’t live like a typical Native American, one that other people may imagine. For those years, my clock never stopped, unlike my mother’s. I left the reservation, went to college, went to law school, and … Continue reading American Collectors

CLM & Explore Chicago

Earlier this year, I was invited by Salli Berg Seely to visit her students at DePaul University. Her class, Explore Chicago, introduces freshman and sophomores to Chicago’s rich literary history. There’s a combination of writers and those who don’t think of themselves as such but, as you will read, certainly have a vivid imagination and the promise of a fluent pen. We mixed things up outside the … Continue reading CLM & Explore Chicago