52nd & California

  I blame it on the butcher-block paper. That was probably what threw us off, what enabled my sister and me to distort our childhood memory of the Pope’s visit to our neighborhood. A hand-made, trilingual welcome hung above the windows of my grandparents’ grocery store: WITAMY! BENVENUTO! WELCOME POPE JOHN PAUL II! Over the years, my grandfather posted many similar signs throughout his business; … Continue reading 52nd & California

My Time at the Pacific Garden Mission

Then came the day they told me I was going to Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. My mind barely registered what was written on the card, simply an address with no directions. I had a hazy thought of some run down homeless shelter in the middle of a bad neighborhood. Then I was out. After a year of being a lone shut-in that barely talked … Continue reading My Time at the Pacific Garden Mission