Pénétrable de Chicago

By Tylar Brown Location: Art Institute of Chicago   Dangling low. You are a beauty in some eyes. Long, see through plastic strings are what attract us. Kids automatically gravitate towards you because of your singularity and ingenuity. Walking through your strings feels like swimming, but             with no specific destination. Being                  … Continue reading Pénétrable de Chicago

I am Margret

I might as well be a fish, Swimming, Without a thought, without a will.  I’m trapped in this glass. If only my confinement wasn’t real. Men. Musty, Scruffy. Yet smarter than I. They go places, See the world. I want to travel and meet people unlike myself. I want to meet those that can speak their minds, Do as they please, Explore new cities and … Continue reading I am Margret

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

We leaned against the theater building as if we were waiting in line for tickets, but the show got out over an hour ago and I’m still waiting for you to take me to dinner. So I un-roll the program and re-read the same actors statement. We are under a broken streetlight, but down the corner to my right is another couple waltzing in a … Continue reading Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind