CLM & Explore Chicago

Earlier this year, I was invited by Salli Berg Seely to visit her students at DePaul University. Her class, Explore Chicago, introduces freshman and sophomores to Chicago’s rich literary history. There’s a combination of writers and those who don’t think of themselves as such but, as you will read, certainly have a vivid imagination and the promise of a fluent pen. We mixed things up outside the … Continue reading CLM & Explore Chicago

CLM Turns 1

One year ago today an idea as mobile app was born as Chicago Literary Map welcomed the world. In turn, the world welcomed it. I have charted stories from people I would not otherwise meet, whose stories help paint a picture of what life is like, was like, or could be like in our broad shouldered city. I’ve also encouraged my family and friends to write, who are great storytellers, but have … Continue reading CLM Turns 1

Flyover Drive-Thru

  Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Southwest Airlines Flight 341. It’s a beautiful night. Let’s make it a beautiful flight. That’s right. We’ll be flying nonstop to 57th and Cicero. Mm-hmm. That’s right. Right over a White Castle. Anyone here from Chicago? Yeah? Y’all goin’ home, too? Where you from, sir? Bridgeport? Oh, all right all right. Got the boss man here. South … Continue reading Flyover Drive-Thru

52nd & California

  I blame it on the butcher-block paper. That was probably what threw us off, what enabled my sister and me to distort our childhood memory of the Pope’s visit to our neighborhood. A hand-made, trilingual welcome hung above the windows of my grandparents’ grocery store: WITAMY! BENVENUTO! WELCOME POPE JOHN PAUL II! Over the years, my grandfather posted many similar signs throughout his business; … Continue reading 52nd & California

Air Show

  The angel flew so low over the lake, I could see its reflection in the water.  I had no camera right then, just did a lot of jumping and screaming.  Me, not my kids, though my dogs were barking like crazy.  It flew only twelve feet or so above the lake, its wings, proud and strong, stretched perfectly straight from its shoulders, horizontal over the water’s surface.  In an … Continue reading Air Show